About Arabreneur

Arabreneur’s aim is to engage young entrepreneurs in their development and provide them with facilities to use their creativity and time to develop start-up companies that will provide them economic and social growth.  The entrepreneurs will find facilities, mentors and working spaces in various locations in Palestine where they get support in the setup and growth of their own company.

Once a startup has a developed idea, the company needs to expand and hire people. In the early growth face the required investments are typically between $50,000 and $250,000 USD. This money is typically invested by so-called “angel investors”.

Angel investors are individuals that invest their money in exciting startups and also support these startups with their experience and networks.

Arabreneur provides the following services:

Arabreneur Venture Fund invests in companies that graduate from incubation and are ready to start selling their products. Carefully selected companies will get investments between $50k and $150k USD based on the company status and needs. This fund will attract private investors to invest in companies that are ready for growth. The companies that are eligible for this fund need to have a product, a team and are ready to expand their sales locally and regionally.

Arabreneur Accelerator supports startups in their daily needs. Just investing Money in companies is not enough! Arabreneur is actively involved with the portfolio companies, and have the energy, experience, and contacts to help take these companies to the next stage and beyond. Arabreneur supports the entrepreneurs by providing them with the right environment where they can focus solely on making their business successful. The experience of the Arabreneur founders and the professional team opens a wealth of know-how, experience and network in the sectors we operate in. Additionally, we provide in our state-of-art co-working facilities like, Furnished Office space, High-speed Internet services, Switchboard Services, Secretariat and Reception Services, Accounting, Audit and Administrative Services, Human Resources Support Services as well as Legal support services. During the acceleration, Arabreneur supports the entrepreneurs with business guidance and access to our network of contacts to open doors for business opportunities. Once the start-up reaches the next phase we support them in assessing the funding needed at each stage of the business and discover the best ways to access funds and guide them through our extensive network.

Pal Angels Angel Network, which serves companies through key investment stages. The goal is to encourage early stage investment in the region and provide a platform that exposes carefully pre-selected start-ups, who are looking for angel capital, to potential angel investors. Angel investors will have the opportunity to regularly see the best companies and view investment presentations from high quality, pre-screened, early stage companies. Arabreneur will organize Pitching events on a quarterly bases to showcase these pre-selected startups to its network of Angel investors.

Arabreneur Mentor Network, is fundamental to the support of early growth startups because people who have ‘been there’ can provide invaluable perspective. They have experienced the ups and downs, rewards and frustrations, successes and failures of starting and running a business, and they can tell an entrepreneur that what they’re experiencing is not new, but just part of the process. Arabreneur carefully selects and trains business mentors from various sectors and specialties that have a passion in their field and want to share their experience with young ambitious entrepreneurs.

Arabreneur Soft-landing is a service for innovation led companies who wish to explore new markets internationally. Arabreneur has built an international network of accelerators in MENA, Europe, North America and Australia to help startups to achieving their goals in foreign markets, including privileged access to offices abroad, support in networking with potential international customers and investors, advise on legal, financial, cultural and practical issues of doing business in the country of reference as well as market intelligence. Arabreneur encourages startups to build their business globally and the soft-landing service is a key element.